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What Kind of Website Do You Need

What Kind of Website Do You Need

What Kind of Website Do You Need?

Whatever message you want to get to the world, you need a stunning website to send it. But not all websites are created equal. It helps to define exactly what type of site will best work for you — and there are a few tried and true paths you can take.
From online stores with one goal (sell, sell, sell!) to personal blogs or online portfolios, websites serving different purposes naturally take different shapes. There is no one-size-fits-all when creating your perfect website. 
Read on to discover which website type is right for you.


Portfolio & Resume

Creating an online portfolio or resume is a fantastic way to showcase your skills, work and experience. It’s all about marketing and communicating your own unique personality.
You’ll want to put your best foot forward to impress potential clients or employers and make it super easy for users to navigate every section of the site. Your site will act as a business card, so aim to represent yourself well, including your tech skills. CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH


Business Website

Even if you are not selling something online, giving your business an online presence is a must. Allowing people to find you using a Google search can bring in new clientele and expose you to a whole new audience.
Your website is a perfect way to present your business and explain who you are and what you do. Create a fun and informative ‘About Us’ page to show off the people behind the business.
Present past experience and credentials so your customers can feel confident about what your business can do for them. Make it extremely easy to get in touch by placing your contact information in prominent places throughout your site. CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH


Online Store

If you’re selling a product, establishing an online store is a no-brainer. The electronic era has done away with opening hours and customers now have 24/7 access to online shopping.
The online shopping experience is on the rise according to a survey by UPS, with consumers reporting that they bought more of their purchases on the web than in stores. Both new and established businesses are moving their stores online to allow easy access for customers all over the globe. 
Your online store’s number one goal must be sales, so a robust payment and delivery system is crucial. This means choosing a shopping cart, shipping method and a payment gateway that provides a captivating and easy shopping experience.
Your goal is to build a unique experience for your customers. For those businesses with a physical store, focus on creating a beautiful website that entices people to visit your store. This online store has a simple design and clear navigation bar to direct the customer to shop. CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH



As a professional offering services, you know that having an online presence is a great way to generate leads and find customers. Your objective is to get your name out and show off your great reputation. Similar to an online store, your service website helps you gain customers and secure sales — except here you’re selling your own skills and services.

To best present your website, display your contact details up front, but use customer reviews and testimonials to push new clients to get in touch. Give people all the information they’d want before testing out your services. As a personal trainer, for example, you could post a schedule of classes. A beautician would include a price list and booking section. CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH




Websites for universities and educational institutions haven’t always been popular, but lately more and more schools are understanding the potential of an online platform.
The main objectives of an educational website is to provide information and resources for your community. You’ll need to consider the needs of those already attending the university or school, as well as prospective students and staff.
The website must look professional to draw in future students, but should also be accessible and user friendly. Education websites tend to include a great deal of information, whether it’s the history of the university, how to get there, alumni, faculty list, or a list of majors or programs — so easy site navigation is crucial. Check out the Kings High School for a visually-appealing, well-organized education website. CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH




As we move into an increasingly online era, websites are now a great tool for nonprofits. A website allows your organization to easily spread a message and cause throughout the world.


With the progress of online payment systems, websites have become crucial for bringing in donations. In terms of objectives, your purpose as a nonprofit is to reach out and build a community before bringing in new donations. 


Your website should provide up-to-date information and useful content. It should also have a good amount of videos and photos to help inspire an emotional response from your visitors. The site should have a clear call-to-action button for donations so visitors grasp immediately how to donate — and the donation process should be fuss-free.

Volunteers and helpers are imperative for nonprofits, so make it easy for people to connect via email or social media. And, of course, people love to share their favorite causes on social media. Display share buttons prominently to encourage people to spread the word. CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH




Blogs have been around since the late ‘90s — but most people called them ‘online diaries’ and few understood their money-making potential. You can still write an online diary, of course, but nowadays most people publish blogs with intention to promote themselves or a product. Most bloggers have the same goal: getting eyeballs on their pages.

Whether you are trying to spread knowledge, a cause, promote a product, or even build a professional network, you’ll want your blog to be attractive, easy to read and simple to navigate. Make links to your social networks visible—as your blog is updated in real time, it’s likely your readers will want to follow your other social channels. Clearly display contact details in case anyone wants to suggest a collaboration or business opportunity. Blogs are also a great supplement for your business, providing a way for you to make a real connection with your customers. Check this one out below.



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